Lead…Like a Girl is a program for young women who want to equip themselves with tools to increase productivity in personal, educational, and professional opportunities.

Mission Statement: to enrich, empower, and prepare girls 16 years and up through increased knowledge of essential skills, while filling the gap of fundamental life skills lacking between adolescents and adulthood.

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"Online classes are challenging enough without a teacher making sexist remarks to the whole class. My English teacher gave us a big in-class assignment. He extended the time to finish until the end of the last period of the day. I have Cheer during last period, and we work the entire class learning the routines. I asked him if we could have until 4:30 instead of 3:30. He scoffed at me to the whole class and suggested that Cheer was not considered as challenging of a sport compared to baseball (he’s the coach). He didn’t think we needed that much time for cheer, refused to give us more time, and suggested we skip cheer to do his assignment. On behalf of the other cheerleaders in his class, I let my coach know. She let us go early to do his assignment, but contacted him to let him know what he did was wrong. He wrote all of the cheerleaders an apology, called us athletes and offered to help us balance our time. The worst part is that he has a daughter. What is he teaching her?"

Katie, Former CREATE Entertainment student

"My older sister and I knew little other than dysfunction and disruption as children. She succumbed to it early on. Four years older than I, she was on the front page of the local paper at age twelve for drunk and disorderly conduct. At age eight, I promised myself I would follow a better path.

School was always my safe space. I hungered to learn more, so I read voraciously — fiction, sociology, psychology, encyclopedias and dictionaries. Each day I would learn and use a new word in an attempt to impress my mother. My geekiness made me unpopular among fellow students until college, when I became a sought-after tutor.

Four decades later, it’s fair to say my geekiness has paid off. I share my love of learning by writing kids' books for Scholastic Book Fairs as C.J. McDonald, my childhood name. Seeing kids get excited about learning is an awesome reward for years of hard work."

Cheri, Journalist, Instructor & Author for Scholastic Books

“This was an interesting video (Girl Up) that was challenging to lead in a different way than ever before. I’ve been to a lot of leadership conferences where mostly men spoke, so it was a nice change of pace to see so many women in leadership roles encouraging the next generation.”

Kaleigh, Leadership Course student

“I’m thankful that you included a piece about it being okay to not know where you want to be in life or what kind of leader you want to be. I think starting out (especially as an older teenager) it’s overwhelming to feel like you need to have your entire life written out when in reality you’ll learn and grow along the way.”

Kaleigh, Leadership Course student

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