Digital/Mobile Storytelling in Parramore is a project undertaken by graduate students at the University of Central Florida. In this project, students worked with a local soul food restaurant owner and his family to create a digital story and mobile “situated documentary” using the ARIS (Augmented Reality Interactive Storytelling) tool developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The situated documentary invites young audiences to step back in time and walk in the restaurant owner’s footsteps as he prepares for a special event—meeting people and seeing places from Parramore’s past along the way.

Project Resources

Guide to Creating Community-Based Mobile Narratives

“Welcome to Nikki’s Place” Digital Story:


Background of Digital/Mobile Storytelling in Parramore

The project began in a Texts & Technology Ph.D. class in Fall 2014, and continued in a graduate Digital Media class (part of the School of Visual Arts and Design) in Spring 2015. During this time a prototype for the project was created, tested, and redesigned based on interviews with and photographs shared by the family, and the Wells’Built Museum of African-American History also shared historical photographs with the students to use in the project. Students from Nap Ford Elementary in Orlando helped test the project at the Center for Emerging Media during the Spring 2015 semester. Also during that semester students in the Digital Media graduate course developed a guide for creating community-based mobile stories to be used by local teachers and arts facilitators.

Conference Presentations about Digital/Mobile Storytelling in Parramore