Africana Studies

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  • Africana Studies (Minor) presents a unique opportunity for students to explore the rich complexity and diversity of society. It provides a forum for students to understand the significant contributions blacks have made to world civilization and the American experiment.

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  • American Studies (Minor)
  • Asian Studies (Minor)
  • Event Management (Minor) This program teaches students how to strategically promote various types of events and how to identify potential risk while planning and executing an event(s).


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  • Creative Writing (Minor)
  • Digital Humanities (Minor) prepares students to deal with our changing world and “technology” from an interdisciplinary perspective. It offers a contextual and methodological understanding of the Internet, new media tools, and the emergence of digital information relative to database and social networking developments.
  • Florida Studies (Minor)
  • Linguistics (Minor)
  • Literature (Minor)
  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Minor) offers students a background of the history, literature, languages, art, music, and philosophy of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
  • Technical Communication (Minor)


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  • History (Minor)
  • Pre-Law in the Humanities (Minor)
  • Russian Studies (Minor)

Judaic Studies

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  • Judaic Studies (Minor) enables students to acquire a foundation of knowledge in Jewish history, the Hebrew language, Jewish philosophy, culture, religious beliefs, and political aspirations, and to understand the contribution of Judaism to Western civilization. The courses highlight major aspects of Jewish civilization, focusing on its interaction with other cultures and dwelling on the bodies of human knowledge upon which it draws.

Latin American Studies

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  • Latin America Area Studies (Minor) promotes an understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean as well as Latino/Hispanic populations of the United States and provides students with knowledge and skills that can be applied in careers in social and community services, education, public relations, journalism, foreign service, and international commerce.

Middle Eastern Studies

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  • Middle Eastern Studies (Minor) designed to foster teaching, research and scholarship of the Middle East and Muslim world in particular. The program has a strong focus on the religious, political, historical and social forces shaping the region.

Modern Languages and Literatures

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  • French (Minor)
  • Italian (Minor)
  • Spanish (Minor)


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  • Music (Minor) open to all students interested in music study, but who are not majoring in one of the music degree tracks.
  • Performing Arts Administration (Minor) Music & Theatre majors or other majors with experience/passion for the performing arts, admitted by an interview/portfolio review.

Nicholson School of Communication and Media

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  • Digital Media (Minor)
  • Film – Cinema Studies (Minor) provides students with a broad and in-depth knowledge of film theory, history and criticism with emphasis on the aesthetics, styles and forms of film.


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  • Cognitive Sciences (Minor) provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of mind, brain, and cognition, broadly construed. It complements the background of students intending to pursue graduate degrees in cognitive sciences, computer science, philosophy, psychology, biology, neuroscience, and medicine, as well as students with more immediate career goals in fields such as neural network modeling, neuroimaging, information technology, clinical or counseling psychology, biotechnology, and others.
  • Humanities and Cultural Studies (Minor) provides a rigorous study of the artistic and intellectual practices and products of human culture in the contemporary world and in the past, across world cultures.
  • Philosophy (Minor) provides a limited, yet substantive, introduction to philosophical themes related to knowledge, responsibility, and society.
  • Religion and Cultural Studies (Minor) provides a limited yet coherent range of courses which introduce the student to a range of religious institutions and ideas.


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  • Theatre – Dance (Minor) prepares pre-professional dancers in a dynamic environment conducive to the highest caliber of both practice and scholarship. The Dance Minor offers a foundation in dance techniques, dance history, composition, and performance.
  • Theatre – General (Minor) provides an excellent foundation in theatre as a complement to any field of study.

Visual Arts and Design

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  • Art – Studio (Minor)
  • Art History (Minor)
  • Community Arts – PAVE (Minor)

Women’s and Gender Studies

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  • Women’s and Gender Studies (Minor) focuses on the situation of women and gender relations in past and present societies, on women’s contributions to their societies, on contemporary women’s issues, and on theories concerning women and gender. The program aims to bring women’s achievements and experience into traditional subjects, but also to broaden the underlying assumptions of existing scholarship and to open new areas of study.

Writing and Rhetoric

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  • Writing and Rhetoric (Minor) prepares students to rhetorically analyze, effectively participate in, and critically reflect about writing experiences in their disciplines, professional workplaces, and community and civic environments. The minor is best suited for students planning to enter writing-intensive professions such as law, publishing and editing, journalism, public relations, marketing, communications management, and new media development.