Judaic Studies

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  • Judaic Studies (Certificate) enable students to acquire a foundation of knowledge in Jewish history, the Hebrew language, Jewish philosophy, culture, religious beliefs, and political aspirations, and to understand the contribution of Judaism to Western civilization. The courses highlight major aspects of Jewish civilization, focusing on its interaction with other cultures and dwelling on the bodies of human knowledge upon which it draws.

Modern Languages and Literatures

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  • Spanish for Health Professions (Certificate)
  • Spanish for the Legal World (Certificate)
  • Spanish for Social Workers (Certificate)
  • Spanish for Tourism (Certificate)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Certificate)
  • Translation and Interpretation (Certificate)

Women’s and Gender Studies

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  • Gender Studies (Certificate) courses focus on the situation of women and gender relations in past and present societies, on women’s contributions to their societies, on contemporary women’s issues, and on theories concerning women and gender. The program aims to bring women’s achievements and experience into traditional subjects, but also to broaden the underlying assumptions of existing scholarship and to open new areas of study.